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Most Popular Policies of AIC Of India Ltd

  • National Crop Insurance Programme
    Government of India launched a farmer friendly crop insurance plan called National Crop Insurance Program.
    Key features of National Crop Insurance Program
    • Liability of claim available
    • Easy settlement of claim
    • Coverage available for loss of harvest
    • Experiments regarding crop-cutting is covered
  • Varsha Bima / Rainfall Insurance Plan
    The Rainfall Insurance is a weather insurance policy designed for the farmers to give them financial coverage against rain-affected crops.
    Key features of Rainfall Insurance Plan
    • It helps mitigate the adverse effect of rainfall
    • Transparent plan with flexible premium
    • Quick claim settlement
    • Inexpensive plan
  • Pulp Wood Tree Insurance Policy
    This India Government initiated crop insurance plan is crafted for those farmers who grow various pulp wood trees.
    Key features of Pulp Wood Tree Insurance Policy
    • Coverage available for total loss
    • Partial losses are also covered
    • Complete protection against natural calamities
    • Policy tenure can be extended to 5 years
  • Bio-Fuel Tree/Plant Insurance Plan
    This insurance plan covers those farmers in India that help produce bio-fuels.
    Key features of Bio-Fuel Tree/Plant Insurance Plan
    • Payment of total sum assured if crop gets damaged
    • Coverage available for all natural risks
    • Optional extension of policy period up to 5 years
    • Optional coverage against drought available

AIC Cardamom Plant and Yield Insurance

The AIC Cardamom Plant and Yield Insurance is a policy that is made specifically for any kind of damages or losses that might happen to the cardamom field due to any kind of calamity like natural calamities. This policy has come as a boon for all the farmers who have a cardamom plant and yield and who like in disaster prone areas and who want an insurance cover for their plant and yield.

The benefits given by the policy include:-

The AIC Cardamom plant and yield insurance is one policy that is used as a mechanism which provides effective risk management help to all the cardamom growers and farmers who can get affected by the natural factors like cyclone, flood, earthquake, pests and diseases etc.

Amongst the other benefits that are provided by the insurance company, the policy compensates the insured plantation in the event of the total loss of the individual plants that are in the insured plantation from the 2nd year to the 12th year of the policy period. There is also a waiting period of 365 days that are measured from the inception of the policy for immature plants.

The benefits given by the policy range only at:-

Kerala Tamil Nadu
Karnataka Sikkim

The policy can be bought online from:-

If the features and benefits of the policy entice you enough to buy the policy, then why wait? The link given below would take you to a form which you will have to fill up so that you get the policy at your doorstep in just a few days. In case of any query that you might have because of the policy, you can search the website of the company where there are options of contacting the executives of the company.

Through these executives, you can get all the queries regarding the company and the policy solved and then you can buy the policy. The only thing that is to be kept in mind while you are filling up the form is that if you make any mistake in filling up the credentials then the policy is more likely to get cancelled or rejected and then you will have to fill it from the beginning. So, after deciding, when you want to buy the policy, then click on the link given below.

The coverage of the policy includes:-

The eligibility criteria of the policy stand at:-

The AIC Cardamom plant and yield insurance has a policy period of 1 year from the inception of risk that the insurance company to the insured plot of land. Any kind of compensations for the loss that has occurred in the yield is too worked by the company on the basis of the yield data that is to be provided by the Spices board. The compensation is payable only if there is a loss of at least 25 plants per hectare. Loss below 25 plants per hectare is not eligible for any kind of compensation payment.

The estimated rate of premiums include:-

There is a very interesting part of the policy where there is no fixed range of premium that is to be paid to the insurance company. The amount of premium that is to be paid is calculated on an accrual basis that makes it easy for the company and cheaper for the farmers.

You can get the policy online with the help of credit cards and debit cards. If you like the features and benefits that are given by the policy then what are you waiting for? Click on the link given below and buy the policy. You can use the different features that are available in the website of the company like call back and chat now which will allow you to have a talk with the executives of the company and then after clearing all your queries up, you can click on the link below and buy the policy